Halifax Premier of One Woman Show Going On

Elizabeth will be performing her one woman show in Halifax at the SuperNova new play Festival on May 19 at 4pm and May 20 at 7pm. The venue is the Neptune Studio Theatre, 1593 Argyle, Halifax.


SuperNova Theatre
May 19 at 4pm and May 20th at 7pm
To buy tickets:
http://www.easternfronttheatre.com/index.php/tickets-and-showtimes/ and https://sales.neptunetheatre.com/Online/default.asp?sToken=1%2Cd4db2e44%2C4f954895%2C01F0E2E4-3D65-47C6-B0DB-8A924D2DE527%2Cuy6kbHx0TigvAqlOIkn89clpzLY%3D&doWork%3A%3AWScontent%3A%3AnextPage