Elizabeth Richardson

Testimonials for One-Woman Show “GOING ON”

This solo performance is delightfully crammed with an array of characters, some representing actual people, some recalled from plays by Anton Chekhov and Noel Coward, all of them real to the writer/performer Elizabeth Richardson who renders them with wit and sensitivity and fashions a fascinating tapestry from various strands of her experiences as daughter, actor, Buddhist.

Ed Thomason
Artistic Director Theatre Antigonish, Nova Scotia
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Jill and I just got home from a wonderful one-woman show at the Shelter Theater Going On – written and performed by Elizabeth Richardson. Absolutely outstanding. Highly recommended. She has one show left on Saturday night at 7:00….(Friday was a packed house, but I know there are a few tickets left for Saturday.)
This is the kind of talent and humanity that is Must See!

Michael Gottlieb, Theatre Director, San Miguel de Allende, Mexico

We just got home from a fantastic show at the Shelter Theater. It is a one woman show, written and performed by a woman named Elizabeth Richardson. And it was fabulous! She only has one more show tomorrow, Saturday, at 7pm.

Cindy Norman, Writer/Filmaker, San Miguel de Allende, Mexico

Wonderful performance piece written and performed by Elizabeth Richardson

Carol McBride, Film Producer, Toronto and San Miguel de Allende, Mexico

You don’t need to be a Buddhist or in the theater to understand and be moved by this touching story.  Elizabeth Richardson is brilliant and poignant in showing us how we go on in life in spite of–and also perhaps because of–what we encounter and engage along the way.

Charlie Goetzl, Labor Relations Consultant, Oakland, California

Soft, sad, joyous, funny, and genuinely moving, Elizabeth Richardson’s one-woman show stirred profound, and even new, feelings in me. Her characters are at once deeply personal and at the same time fully accessible, because of their vividness and their fullness. It is full of resonance and meaning. It is rich; it is a feast. And she tells a great story.

Steve Baker, Writer, Halifax, Nova Scotia

Elizabeth Richardson is a tour-de-force moving through time and space to deliver a touching, funny and wholly engaging story of self-discovery.

Johanna J. Lunn, Media Director & Producer, Halifax, Nova Scotia

Such an outstanding performance. I went through the years, the people, the changes with her from the first moment she started speaking. Captivating. I immediately wanted to have her perform it again. Can’t wait to see it again!

Sharon Bettinelli, Executive Director, YWCA Berkeley/Oakland, California

Elizabeth Richardson’s extraordinary and powerful performance in “Going On” is matched only by her brilliant writing. We laughed out loud on numerous occasions but it was her subtlety and intensity that kept our attention wrapped. “Going On” is witty, totally original and great fun.

Nina Toumanoff, Marriage and Family Therapist, Ojai, California

I was deeply moved as I watched Ms. Richardson’s play. It made me re-think what is really important in my life in a very direct and personal way. It again showed me that we hold so many, many hopes, fears and aspirations in common.”

Joel Mandel, Project Manager, Davis, California

Wow! Elizabeth Richardson’s one woman show – amazing! From laughter to tears and back again she carried me along on a personal journey that truly touches. I was seduced, entranced, moved and uplifted by her honesty, talent, humor and bravery.

Marshall Bishop, Landscape Architect, Sacramento, California

We were so charmed by seeing Elizabeth’s performance. She was funny, smart, warm and thoroughly enjoyable. She moved effortlessly from character to character, and drew you through the pages of her life with insight and tenderness – both for herself, and for the people she loved, and who helped shape her story. Bravo! A unique journey which somehow ends up being our own.

Yasmin and Musawwir Spiegel, Attorneys, Davis, California

Ms. Richardson’s one woman play is a wonder of perception and expression. The on-going interplay between art and meditation is a fascinating topic and one not often enough explored. Ms. Richardson is an accomplished actress and portrays the many characters in her piece with clarity, accuracy and humor. A treat that also provides real food for thought!

Sarah Mandel, Davis, California