written and Performed by Liz Richardson

three performances only

each followed by a conversation with liz

Friday November 18 7:30pm

saturday November 19 7:30pm

Sunday November 20 2:30pm

Sonoma Valley Women’s Club

574 1st Street East, Sonoma
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Unconfined: The Story

In this moving story based on true events, Liz plays three characters: an American professor of comparative religion, an accomplished British painter, and a streetwise fellow prisoner. Their lives are deeply affected by the remarkable transformation of a young man on Death Row.  In a narrative that celebrates the power of transformation, the play asks a fundamental question: If someone commits a terrible act, can they authentically redeem their humanity, and ultimately express their innate wisdom and goodness?

The original production was directed by award-winning writer and director Ed Thomason, who worked with Liz for two years to perfect the script for the stage. Original music by Josh Cruddas.

liz richardson, playright and actor

Liz Richardson portrait, actor and playrightLiz has had a lifelong career as an actress and writer. A graduate of the London Academy of Music and Dramatic Art (LAMDA), she has performed in major theatre, film, and television productions in England, Canada and the United States. Liz has played leading parts in London’s West End, the Bristol Old Vic, the Neptune Theatre in Halifax, the Shaw Festival in Ontario and Canadian Stage in Toronto. The first solo show she wrote and performed, Going On, premiered in San Miguel de Allende, Mexico, and went on to successful runs in Vancouver, upstate New York and Halifax.

Unconfined, premiered in March 2022 at the Art Gallery of Nova Scotia.

Photo of Liz Richardson: Christine Guest

Chewy, rewarding theatre... Unconfined is a metaphysical journey taken by three marvellously distinct characters…. Liz Richardson explores the essence of life…and the human soul, in a fascinating performance...”

It's riveting to watch this accomplished and nuanced actor shifting skilfully between characters... a delicious, beautifully written and masterfully performed piece...”